Welcome to Project Gilthead!
    How to play:
  • Drag any piece floating in the River and drop it either on your wooden Workbench, or in one of the four columns on your Blueprint. Once you pick up a piece, you must place it on either the workbench or the blueprint.

  • The Scale across the top of the screen tells you how strong your table needs to be (on the left) compared to how strong your table is so far (on the right). The background behind the scale tells you if your table is likely to be strong enough based on the pieces you have placed so far (greener is better). When your table is strong enough, the scale itself will turn yellow, and continue to get brighter as you go. The stronger your table is, the higher your score will be. If your table is not strong enough, you will booch. Thicker pieces are stronger.

  • Your base score is determined by how valuable your pieces are. There are up to 8 rainbow colors, ranging from Red, which is the least valuable, to Magenta, which is the most valuable. Less valuable pieces are more common.

  • Significant bonuses are gained by matching colors in vertical columns, and shapes in horizontal rows. Try for some of each! Matching bonuses are far greater than strength bonuses

  • Some pieces may have knots - those pieces are still valuable, and can be used to complete color and shape patterns. However, pieces with knots undermine the strength of your table.

  • You may see pieces that look like lions - those are Cedar Giltheads. They are the most valuable pieces in the game, and act like wildcards to complete any shape or color patterns they are in line with. Cedar Giltheads are very weak, but do not undermine the strength of your table.

  • You may see pieces that look like fish - those are Ironheads. They are the strongest pieces in the game and can save your table from booching if you have too many knotholes. They do not match any color or shape at all, and will ruin the bonuses for the row and column they are in.

  • You may see specific shapes in place of the squares on the blueprint. These Bonus Targets will increase your existing row bonus if you can match them. There is no negative consequence if you fail to match the Bonus Target shape.

  • Beware the nefarious piRat! If you hesitate too long between placing pieces, this rascally rodent will gnaw knotholes in your pieces, undermining the strength of your table! If this goes on too long, you could booch! (Cedar tastes yucky, and Iron is too tough for their poor ratty teeth.)

    Have fun!

For more information, see our YPPedia Page, and PuzzlePirates Forum Page.
Thank you for playing,
--Perlandria, EmberLeo, and Chien D'Arren D'Or--